lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Better than a CHEESECAKE

Now, now honey, you better sit down and look around!
 Cuz you must have bumped your head, 
and I love you enough to talk some sense back into you baby.
I hate to see you come home, me the kids and the dog is gone.
Check my credentials,
I give you everything ya want everything you need,
 even your friends say I'm a good woman 
all I need to know is why?

That's the Beyonce song "Why don't you love me". A song inspired by the women from the 50's. They were  made for cleaning the house, care for the children, make the dinner and help their husbands in whatever they could; a sexist vision of women which was normal at that time. What I most like about this song is the videoclip. It has been recorded like if it was a tv show of the fifties decade. The Pin Up esthetic is reflected in Beyonce's clothes and hairstyle. Which gives the vintage air is the old light blue telephone and in general all the staging. We have to consider many details that give a twist to the video, for example all the rings that she is wearing only in one hand, the glass of martini and the olives, and the makeup smeared as if she has been crying, but in fact all is very thought.

I'd like to share with you some pictures and the video, because I adore all this esthetic of Pin Ups and I think that Beyonce has managed to play the role of these women and get into the time. Love the overacting!

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